STP 2.0: Welcome To The Next Level

This isn’t your dad’s iPhone gaming. We’re heading fast towards Year 2 of the App Store, and the ground has shifted under our feet. $5.99 is the new $9.99, beefy new iPhones are breaking speed records, microtransactions are picking up steam… oh, and we’re closing in on 15,000 iPhone games.

The whole enterprise has mutated into something as complicated and messy as it is unique and awesome. A simple blog no longer suffices to cover the madness.

And that’s why STP isn’t just a blog any more.

Here’s a quick rundown on the site’s major new features:

Full Gamespaces

Every game in our database now has its own dedicated page where you can find its description, stories, reviews, ratings, screens and videos.

A typical game space

User Ratings

Readers can now rate games themselves using our four-point scale.

Game browsing

On our new Games page, you can search our full database by genre, game type, and feature set. Looking for Bluetooth multiplayer dice games? We can hook you up.

Find any kind of game, any time. (Game must exist)

Related games

Every Gamespace and review automatically points you to games of the same type, so you can compare and contrast before deciding what to buy.

App Store section

We’ll tell you which games are on sale, which have just been updated, and what’s the latest on the App Store.

Find the best games at the best price.

Improved search

Search by developer, game name, or subject. Search results are sorted into games and stories.

Company pages

Each developer now has its own page, with all its games listed.

STP Video

STP’s videos now have their own page.

Social discovery

It’s now much easier to send our articles to services like Digg, Reddit, and Facebook.

Take a look around, and let us know what you think in the Comments! Also, if you notice any bugs, please send a note to We’ll need your help to get everything ship-shape ASAP.

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