Stickman Base Jumper

Stickman Base Jumper is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Stickman Base Jumper Review

On an App Store selling graphical powerhouses like Infinity Blade II and Dead Trigger, the Stickman series might seem an unlikely top seller. These simple games feature basic graphics, a stick man, and a crinkled graph paper background. But what they lack in visual flair they make up for in accessibility and satisfying gameplay. In other words, they’re a great fit for on-the-go gaming.

Every level in Stickman Base Jumper boils down a series of well-timed taps. Tap one starts your base jumper in motion, walking backwards across a rooftop to determine the length of his running headstart. Tap two initiates his run; the longer he runs, the farther he jumps. Tap three makes him jump, launching him off the building and into the air. Once he’s airborne, your stickman is out of your control, at least until tap four opens his parachute.

Blimps are soft, right?

If you time the taps well, you land near the finishing flag and earn up to three stars. If you screw up or take too long to land, you either land safely and get no stars, or you crash with a hilarious/ horrific scream. That’s your only punishment, because another tap lets you try again. Later levels crank up the number of obstacles and add wind and additional jumps, but the gameplay remains the same.

It’s a simple game that most gamers with a few moments to spare can enjoy, but there are a few drawbacks. One is that it requires a whole lot of trial and error. No matter how good you are, there’s virtually no way to pass most of the levels on your first attempt. They all require you to give it a shot, see how you do, and adjust your taps accordingly. Another problem is the shortage of content. The game only comes with 30 levels, with 10 more available through in-app purchase. Since the levels are all fairly basic and similar to one another, we wish they would’ve included all 40 or, better yet, a lot more, for the price of admission.

Stickman Base Jumper won’t wow you with beautiful graphics or a deep gameplay system. But for quick, satisfying bursts of fun, it has you covered. We just wish they gave us a little more.

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