Stick Skater

Stick Skater is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Stick Skater Review

Stick Skater is what you’d get if you gave the Canabalt guy a skateboard and made the city rooftops into skate parks. However, due to the lack of an endless mode, it doesn’t have quite the same ‘one more try’ appeal that is crucial to casual titles. We don’t recommend helping this city-slacker go pro.

The general premise of Stick Skater is to complete levels by jumping over obstacles and grinding on rails, racking up trick points and collecting floating smiley-face coins at the same time. One button allows you to accelerate to make longer jumps, while another acts as both a jump and trick button. You also have the option to use a joystick for tricks, which gives you more control. Doing tricks is fun, and it racks up points for you.

This is no Tony Hawk.

Unfortunately, the constant checkpoints and seemingly endless options to revive yourself make the game far too easy. We would have preferred randomly generated survival levels, where you get one life to go as far as you can. One nice thing about the level-based format is that there are different locations to skate across, such as Hollywood and Dogtown, but we’re sure these could be implemented in a progressive survival mode.

Also fairly disappointing are the online leaderboards. These only let you see the top 100 scores, instead of where you stand in the general scheme of things. Since the highest scores are massive, this takes away most of the value of having leaderboards.

If you’ve got a buck to burn, we suggest looking for a game that will give you longer-lasting entertainment. The general formula of Stick Skater is fun, but the way it’s implemented isn’t.

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