Steam Pirates Original Soundtrack Now Available Online

Want to hear something fun? The soundtrack for Luc Bernard’s upcoming RPG starring cat pirates and pugs (which we previewed a few weeks ago) has now been made available entirely for free on the web. We’ve also got a few screens from the intro video, which you can view below.

Lead composer Sean Beeson described the writing experience on his website: “With Steam Pirates, I really wanted to capture the sense of adventure and danger that a pirate experiences, while harnessing the more subtle, magical moments of steam punk.” The game’s other composer, Pontus Rufelt, described the music as a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and the fantasy soundtracks of Elder Scrolls composer Jeremy Soule.

As for the intro cutscene you can glimpse a few screens of below, Luc describes it like this: “It shows how Kat was adopted by cats, and how the other young cats used to bully her. One day once she had enough she decided to set sail to the oceans, and the rest is the game.”

You can check out more screenshots from the intro in our screenshots section to the right. We’re enjoying the humor and creativity of this game quite a bit so far, and we haven’t even played it ourselves yet. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to give you our hands-on impressions.

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