Stealth Inc.

Stealth Inc. is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Stealth Inc. Review

In Stealth Inc, you play as a robot trying to escape an extremely oppressive building. The rooms are alive with the sound of lasers, and it’s your job to avoid having your circuits fried while you solve environmental puzzles to make your way from room to room.

It’s a stealth game, so you do most of your work from the shadows. Your visibility status is displayed at all times, so you always know how easily the enemy contraptions can sense you. Step partially into the light, and the sensors give you several seconds of warning before they annihilate you. Get caught in full brightness, and not even cat reflexes would be fast enough to save your metal.

The game plays like a side-scrolling platformer, with left, right, and jump buttons. Many of the environmental puzzles require you to hack computer terminals, so an onscreen button appears when you stand in front of one. That’s all there is to the gameplay, and the controls work great.

There’s lots of content here, with dozens of levels built into the campaign, plus community-made levels from the PC version if you want more. Each level has leaderboards to show you how your times stack up against the competition. The game even has sassy text that gives you hints on how to proceed and mocks you when you fail.

That’s not to say that Stealth Inc. is pure mechanical perfection. The puzzles start to feel repetitive after a while, with most of them relying on pushing objects, manipulating light, flipping switches, and hacking terminals. It’s also a hard game to see. I played on a Retina iPad Mini, and everything was very small and dark, making it tough to identify important level features like spotlights, pits, and enemy cones of vision.

The game is extremely challenging, but checkpoints are well placed and frequent, and it’s not overly punishing. The harshest aspect is when you complete a level to find that thousands of people have beaten it much faster than you did. Despite a couple of minor complaints, Stealth Inc. is a stylish, solid game that any fan of puzzle platformer should play.

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