Starship Troopers Invasion: Mobile Infantry Hands-On Preview

You might remember the 1997 theatrical release of Starship Troopers, but who’s seen the three direct-to-DVD sequels? The series may be out of the public eye, but a new mobile game based on the latest (and sole computer-generated) Starship Troopers movie will be hitting the App Store soon, and we had a chance to try it out. Would you like to know more?

Starship Troopers Invasion: Mobile Infantry is an over-the-shoulders auto-running game in the style of Temple Run or Agent Dash. You play as either a male or female trooper. The troopers have different voices, but practically identical builds with all that bulky armor.

For most of the game, you’ll automatically run through bug-infested corridors, swiping to to avoid crates, make turns, jump over rubble, or slide under half-closed doors. You’ll also be able to target bugs by tapping on the screen. After a brief run, you’ll stop at a barricade to engage in a bit of casual cover shooting, like in Epoch or Shadowgun.

In the cover-shooter portions, you’ll be able to jump between nearby cover, or tap to target bugs and reload your weapons. You’ll start out the game with very little ammo and weak guns, so to get past these stops you’ll have to replay the game often and collect more coins, or buy the best gear with in-app purchases.

The cover-based shooting is decent fun, and it’s a nice change from the familiar auto-running segments. However, the game provides you with credits very slowly, so you may get skewered by a lot of bugs before you can fight back with stronger weapons. Persistent players will eventually be able to unlock three more levels, but it’ll take a while.

A new Starship Troopers iOS game could have taken a number of different forms, but Mobile Infantry seems to be going for safe and familiar instead of exciting and new. So far, we haven’t found either the gameplay or graphics to be extraordinary, but the final version could still provide the polish and balancing that it needs. Look for Starship Troopers Invasion: Mobile Infantry to hit the App Store later this year.

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