Star Wars: Imperial Academy Released in Canada

Ngmoco has just released Star Wars: Imperial Academy in Canada, which means it will be coming to the US App Store soon. So what the heck is Star Wars: Imperial Academy?

Well, judging from the game’s website, it’s basically Eliminate Pro dressed up as a Storm Trooper and teleported to the Star Wars universe. You’ll fight as various different types of Imperial soldiers in environments like Tattooine, Cloud City, and Hoth, switching out armor and weapons as you level up. You can duke it out over 3G or Wi-Fi, and the game is optimized for Retina displays.

Our gut reaction is that it’s unfortunate they didn’t follow the lead of Archetype and the multiplayer mode in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus by offering five-on-five deathmatches. But we’ll withhold judgment until we’ve actually played the game.

The iPhone is fast becoming the platform to have if you’re a fan of Star Wars, with several games already out (The Force Unleashed, Trench Run, Cantina, Battle For Hoth) and Imperial Academy and Falcon Gunner on their way. Check out the screenshots of Star Wars: Imperial Academy below.

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