Stanford iPhone Course Available On iTunes

Just one semester removed from its popular iPhone programming course, Stanford University will be offering video from the current semester’s lectures on iTunes beginning today.

The 10-week course, titled iPhone Application Programming and taught by current Apple employees Evan Doll and Alan Cannistraro, began April 1 and will post lecture content two days after each class, free of charge, at Stanford’s iTunes U page, Course content also will include slides used in the lecture.

Stanford made a splash in the gaming community over the summer, announcing the first-ever programming course for Apple’s iPhone, known as CS193P in the course catalog. Some of the applications developed by the students include a Chinese-English dictionary, air guitar simulator and a social networking application, which are all available for purchase from their final project website,, or the App Store.

“There’s a lot of interest in the iPhone,” said Brent Izutsu, Stanford’s project manager for Stanford on iTunes U. “This course provides an excellent opportunity for us to show the breadth and depth of our curriculum and the innovation of our students.”

The course website is available for public viewing at

[from Stanford]

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