Square Enix’s Upcoming Games Hands-On Preview Part 2

Square Enix had quite an eclectic collection of titles on display in their booth, many of which are arriving very soon. Without further delay, here is part two of our romp through Square Enix’s iOS lineup. Also be sure to read part one here.

Motley Blocks

Motley Blocks is a puzzler with a twist, literally. You start out with a solid object that explodes into a variety of colored blocks spinning on a 360 degree axis. The core play mechanic resolves around connecting the blocks to piece together a secret image. You have a finite number of spins before you have to piece everything together, so there’s an added level of urgency there. The simplest way to describe the action is that you’re essentially playing a 3D version of “connect the dots.” Chaining together combos was fast and frenetic, and we’re told the final game with ship with a level editor. Expect Motley Blocks this summer.


Qwirkle is a game that is based on a board game that is apparently popular in Germany. If Uno and Scrabble had a love child, it’d look something like this game. Up to four players can joust on a gameboard placing colored tiles and shapes on the board to earn points. There are power-ups to get extra points or add little wrinkles to the game. We were very happy to learn that the online aspect of the game will connect iOS, Android and Facebook gamers. With this being a free to play title, there shouldn’t be a lack of competition at all. Qwirkle will also be coming sometime this Summer.


Koozac is a new play on the legendary puzzler Tetris. You have falling blocks with numbers on them, and the goal is to add up blocks to match the number on the top of the screen. There are classic, endless, and Facebook blitz modes, the latter a socially connected daily race to the highest point total for points to buy power ups. It’s fairly straightforward, and fans of Tetris will likely want to take a look here.

Guardian Cross

In this customizable card game, you play as a “tamer” who controls fighting creatures known as “guardians”. First, you build your deck, and then you let the guardians fight it out automatically in the arena. The music, artwork, and concept are all by former Final Fantasy designers, so Guardian Cross feels pretty epic for a card game. Unfortunately, most of the demo was in Japanese, so we couldn’t get too far into the deck management menus.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

And finally, we had a sneak peak at Final Fantasy Dimensions. This RPG is a port of Final Fantasy Legends, a game that never made it to our shores before. Par for the course, Final Fantasy Dimensions has received the usual reworked and upscaled treatment to make it fit on iOS. There’s no way we could possibly dig in as much as we’d like from E3’s noisy and crowded show room floor. The game did look good and used a traditional turn-based structure RPG fans know and love (or hate). It’s coming soon, so you can starting planning out 40 hours of free time now.

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