Square-Enix Shuffles Leadership, Increases Focus on Mobile

Late last week, Square-Enix announced that its development studios will be undergoing some ch-ch-changes. The most significant change is Square-Enix Montreal’s shift from AAA title development to mobile/tablet games. Cue victory fanfare, spinning sword.

Square-Enix has been undergoing a painful transformation for some time: CEO Yoichi Wada should be stepping down very soon, and his replacement, Yosuke Matsuda, promised earlier this spring that the company will be reviewing its resources and priorities to determine what works, and what doesn’t. Looks like Square-Enix is classifying mobile games as something that “works.”

This should be an interesting journey for all involved, since Square-Enix’s mobile offerings have ranged from stellar to abysmal. The studio still has a lot to learn about fair pricing and offering compelling in-app purchases.

Square-Enix sure knows how to ride off nostalgia, though, which is why I’d be willing to push over my own grandmother for an iOS adaptation of Final Fantasy VI or VII.

[via IGN]

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