Chocobo Panic

Chocobo Panic is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Square Enix Releases Chocobo Panic for iPad

It’s a good thing they have Chaos Rings on their resume, because fans of Square Enix’s hardcore RPGs like the Final Fantasy series might balk at the company’s first iPad release, Chocobo Panic.

As you can see from the screenshots, the art style is simplistic, and so is the gameplay. What you do is tap and hold the specified chocobos as they run around the screen. Then you release the ones they tell you to. Failure to catch or release the correct chocobos will be held against you. If not in the court of law, then in the game’s scoring system.

Chocobo Panic includes a “one player and co-op mode” that allows for six independent touch inputs on the screen, and a two player mode that lets you compete against a friend on a single iPad. You can buy it here for $3.99.

Obviously the game is targeted at kids, so hardcore gamers shouldn’t feel too let down by it. Look on the bright side– there’s always Chaos Rings on the iPad to look forward to.

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