Square Enix Developing New RPG for iPhone

A job posting on the Square Enix website recently revealed that they are currently working with Media.Vision on a new, unannounced RPG project for the iPhone. However, since the website is entirely in Japanese, it’s hard to glean any other details from the posting.

The important bits are there, though: iPhone, RPG, Media.Vision, Square Enix. What else do you need to know? Media.Vision is most well known for their work on the Wild Arms series that has disappeared of late, but made a big splash on the original PlayStation.

It looks like Gamevil may finally have some serious competition in the story-driven RPG department. And with word that Square Enix will finally be bringing Final Fantasy I & II to the iPhone, RPG gamers are soon to be very well taken care of.

This is a rather big gamble for Square Enix, and they’re taking steps into relatively uncharted territory. How well will a traditional RPG fare on the iPhone? While RPG fans are hungry for original games, casual gamers may not be ready to pay a high price for an unknown brand.

[Via PocketGamer]

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