Square Enix Announces New Game for iOS

Square Enix used a teaser site today to announce a new game for the iPhone and iPad, but like all videogame companies wanting to get people talking, they provide almost no details. We don’t even know the game’s title. All they’ve done is tweeted a link to the site.

In the tweet, Square Enix calls this a new project, so it’s probably not an installment of any of their existing franchises. According to trusty ol’ Google, the French phrase on the site translates to, “The world is illusion. The nocturnal dreams are truth.” The people they credit for making the game have worked on previous Square Enix series, including Final Fantasy.

As with all interesting teaser announcements, we’ll keep you informed as we hear more about this project. To us, the most exciting takeaway from this is that Square Enix is continuing to focus resources on iOS. Now if only they’d release Final Fantasy Tactics already…

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