Square Enix Announces Chrono Trigger and More for iOS

Square Enix has been busy at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Yesterday they announced that they’re going to release a port of the classic RPG Chrono Trigger for iOS. They also said they’ll be bringing a number of other games to the platform, including Final Fantasy Legends, Dragon Quest Monsters, and more. Read on for the details.

Chrono Trigger–widely considered to be among the very best RPGs of all time–originally came out for Super Nintendo in 1995, and was rereleased most recently for the Nintendo DS in 2008. We don’t have any screenshots or videos of the iOS version, but it’s likely that it’ll be similar to the DS port, which kept the original gorgeous 16-bit graphics.

Final Fantasy Legends

We have fewer details about the other games they announced. Final Fantasy Legends is a port of a game released on mobile phones in Japan last year. Dragon Quest Monsters is a Pokémon-like title that uses characters from the Dragon Quest series. The company also announced a card battle game called Diffusion Million Arthur, a computer board game called Itadaki Street, and Demon’s Score, a card battle game they’re apparently developing with Epic Games.

Because of the fog of chaos that often descends during videogame conventions, particularly when the presentations are delivered in Japanese, that’s all we know about these upcoming Square Enix iOS games for now. As more news trickles out, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Demon’s Source

[Via IGN]

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