Spinzizzle is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Spinzizzle Review

Fo shizzle Spinzizzle! Though this game has a title that is about 15 years too late and seriously unhip, it’s still one of the best Match-3 games for the iPhone. If Press OK Entertainment ever makes a sequel, they should keep the gameplay, but ditch the name.

Spinzizzle is a dizzying puzzle game where the goal is to match at least three colored marbles by spinning the board. Marbles will always fall towards the bottom, and you have very little wiggle room in which to maneuver your pieces. Special marbles can cause explosions, turn marbles different colors, or stand in as any color.

So much fun, your balls will drop.

It’s a simple premise, but beautifully executed. Spinzizzle’s Story Mode features no story, just 21 increasingly complex levels where you must make matches before time runs out. There’s also an endless Action Mode, where you can aim for a high score to post on the OpenFeint leaderboards.

Our complaints with Spinzizzle have little to do with the gameplay. We’re not fans of the New Age soundtrack, for example. It sounds like something you’d be forced to listen to during a massage. Fortunately, you can always play your favorite iPod music or podcasts instead.

Today Spinzizzle is featured as the Free App A Day free game, so you should absolutely download it right now. Even for a low price, Spinzizzle is worth your time and a little bit of money. It’s a prime example of how a simple, straightforward game can satisfy even the most hardcore gamers.

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