SpinDice is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

Currently Unavailable

SpinDice First Look

Bob McClure of Terminal Core Games (the guys behind the well-reviewed BloxoR let us know that his next title, Spin Dice, has hit the App Store for the limited-time price of 99 cents.

SpinDice looks to us like a cross between a Match-3 game and Craps–not a bad combination at all for you dice lovers out there. The idea is to match up “sets” of similarly-numbered dice, or dice that run in a sequence, vertically and horizontally. If the numbers aren’t lining up right, you can tap on a die to re-roll it, trusting the fates that it’ll come up the way you need.

SpinDice’s App Store page advertises two gameplay modes (Timed and Casual), each with three difficulty levels.

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