Spikey's Bounce Around

Spikey's Bounce Around is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Spikey’s Bounce Around Review

The title “Spikey’s Bounce Around” offers you some clues as to the type of game you’re getting into. You play as a ball named Spikey, and nearly every level requires you to bounce around on springy trampolines, when you’re not sticking to the walls. It’s a pretty simple concept, with basic goals and a humble execution, so ultimately this physics puzzler may not make a big impression on you.

Over 50 levels, your goal is to free Spikey’s butterfly friends from their imprisonment in glass jars, within a certain number of jumps. You move Spikey by aiming him in any direction away from a wall, and he’ll either stick to another surface or bounce away. You can go crashing through plants and vines, which gives you points and a bonus multiplier, and your final score will reward you with 1-3 stars.

I’ll name that one Jar-el.

While most of the fundamentals of this game are sound, from the visuals to the control scheme, we were underwhelmed by the lack of personality. Spikey himself seems like a pretty good guy (for a spiked ball), but he doesn’t say or do much of anything. If he didn’t have big round eyes and a cute name, we wouldn’t think anything of him at all. As far as iPhone mascots go, Spikey is pretty low on the list of memorable characters we’ve met over the last year.

Also, while the level designs in Spikey’s Bounce Around can get pretty challenging, they rarely require a lot of thought. In some stages, you’ll have just one jump to make Spikey crash through all the vines and glass jars necessary to free his butterfly pals. In these, your goal is simple’” it’s just a matter of getting the precise angle of that one jump exactly right. If there was a way to track your most recent shot, like in most physics or artillery games, it would go a long way towards fine-tuning Spikey’s trajectory.


Spikey’s Bounce Around is decent, but also dull. With fifty levels, there’s enough to do if you enjoy the concept, especially if you buy it for just a dollar. But at the regular $2.99 asking price, and without a lot of the bells and whistles like online scoreboards, unlockable extras, or bonus modes, we’d say take caution with Spikey.

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