Spider Jack

Spider Jack is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Spider Jack Review

Whenever a game hits the Top Ten, it’s inevitable that someone’s going to try to replicate that success with an exact clone. Interestingly, Spider Jack is actually a clone of another game by the same publisher. Spider Jack is so close to Cut The Rope that it probably should have been called Cut The Web.

Just like in Chillingo’s Cut The Rope, Spider Jack by Clickgamer (a division of Chillingo) has you solving physics puzzles by moving an object across the screen. Instead of feeding candy to a monster, in Spider Jack you’re moving a spider to a fly.

Spider-Man: Turn off the water.

Spider Jack’s sole innovation is that you can latch your spider onto certain points on the screen with a touch. Spider Jack will then climb to these points and steady himself so that you can swipe to clip his web, sending him falling to the next star or goal. There are 60 levels in this initial release, with 15 bonus levels available only after you recommend the game to your friends, and more levels are promised for future updates.

Everything else in Spider Jack is a retread of Cut The Rope. Bubbles, blowers, electricity, and teleporters are the exact same obstacles that we’ve faced before in Cut The Rope, and Spider Jack doesn’t offer any new challenges. If you’ve played Cut The Rope, you’ll experience one prolonged, unshakable feeling of deja vu when playing Spider Jack.

Spider Jack isn’t a bad game– it certainly borrows from the best. And if you’re looking for a game similar to Cut The Rope, Spider Jack is worth a dollar. But we were hoping that Spider Jack would divert from its inspiration at some point across its 60 levels. Hopefully the upcoming levels will offer some brand new challenges.

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