Spellwood - Word Game Adventure

Spellwood - Word Game Adventure is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Spellwood – Word Adventure Game Review

Scrabble and word-type games are getting to be almost as ubiquitous as zombie games. Every other week it seems like some new game is asking us to use our brains, so it’s kinda hard for a new one to stand out from the crowd. Luckily Sega has brought out Spellwood and it adds a really unique twist to the tried and true Scrabble/Words with Friends formula.

In Spellwood you play as a mage that uses words as your weapons. You play on a typical Scrabble type board using typical word game rules. The ‘twist’ comes in on how you win your games. You and your opponent have hit points, and the scores you garner from making your words work as attacks that damage your opponent. Deplete all of the opposing mages’ hit points and it’s on to the next level. Think Magic:The Gathering meets Scrabble and you’ve got a good idea as to how this game works.

I say.

As you progress through the very robust single-player campaign, you gain experience and hit points as your plucky wizard merrily marches on. You also get new equipment in the way of magic wands, hats and sacks. Winning games nets you loot, which comes in the way of special letter tiles or potions that can give you more health. All of these can have some kind of effect on the way the game plays and can actually add quite a bit of strategy and modify how you spell out your words and battle your opponents.

Spellwood also, of course, has multiplayer where you can play battle your friends on Game Center and Facebook. There are no random battles though, so if your friends aren’t playing then you’re on your own.

Spellwood is cute. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual word game with a unique presentation. So if you’re in the mood for stretching your lexicon with a magical twist, then Spellwood just might be for you.

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