SpellTower Announced for iPad

Zach Gage, the developer of Bit Pilot among other games, has announced a great-looking new word game for iPad called SpellTower. This genre mash-up will come out on November 17.

The title SpellTower may sound like a wizard-themed tower defense game, but it promises to be something much fresher than that. Developer Zach Gage appears to have invented a fresh take on both word and puzzle games.

Based on the in-depth trailer below, SpellTower looks like a combination of a traditional pit-puzzler and a word game like Boggle. It’ll have four modes that test different facets of the player’s wordsmithing prowess, but the overall flow of the game looks a little more intense than Scrabble but not as frantic as Tetris.

We look forward to getting our hands on it next week, and we’ll have more coverage of it once we’ve spent some time with it.

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