Special Infinity Blade III Event Starts Friday

Chair Games has just announced a special in-game “ClashMob” event in Infinity Blade III that’s scheduled to start this Friday (which just so happens to be the 13th). The event will have players team up to fight a giant Samurai Brute from the upcoming movie 47 Ronin, which releases on Christmas day. If the ClashMob is successful, everyone who participated will get the Brute’s sword, which they can equip and use from then on.

For those not familiar, ClashMobs are events in the Infinity Blade games that have all players who participate team up to complete a task. The task this time is whittling away the health of the Samurai Brute until he’s defeated. You’ll have plenty of time to take part, since this event lasts from December 13 to December 24. Check out the rad trailer below.

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