‘Sound Grenade’ Dev: App Store Customers Want Lame Stuff

Ars Technica has an interesting interview up with the developer of the super-irritating Sound Grenade App, which has zoomed to the top of the free App charts–even though it took only 20 minutes to develop, and it’s designed solely to irritate people.

The developer, who goes by the codename “High,” openly acknowledges that his “Crap App” sucks… and he reaches the rather amusing conclusion that all of his customers suck, too. “Do some market research, work out that most of the people that download free apps are immature and seriously uncool. Then,” he wrote on his blog, “wrap an average idea that you think will appeal to immature and uncool people with some average graphics, and boom, top 10 app.”

This guy isn’t just looking a gift horse in the mouth; he’s giving it a full colonoscopy! Like any true mass-market medium, the App Store is going to tend towards the lowest common denominator–especially on the Free side of the fence, where experimentation is costless. Our prediction: someone is going to rip this dude’s idea off with an App that produces dozens of irritating sounds for 99 cents and make a mint.

[from Ars Technica]

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