Sony Pictures Television Bringing Big Names To iPhone

Sony Pictures Television announced a lengthy slate of upcoming mobile games based on its film properties, including James Bond and Ghostbusters exclusively for the iPhone, at the CTIA Wireless convention today in Las Vegas.

Ghostbusters, scheduled for June to coincide with the release of Sony’s next-gen console title, puts players in the shoes of its title characters as they do what they do best. Just don’t look directly into the trap!

The James Bond bond title Top Agent, releasing in August, features multiplayer as this new agent–not 007– battles henchmen, the Bond rogue’s gallery and other agents.

Q*Bert makes his triumphant ‘” and official ‘” debut in July on the iPhone, ousting that impostor CuBert, as he brings back his retro, block-hopping style in this old-school puzzle game. Sony is updating the game with new animations, 50 new maps and slicker graphics.

Also on schedule are a Sports Illustrated trivia title, a tie-in for next month’s release of Dan Brown film “Angels and Demons,” tie-ins for zombie apocalypse movie “Zombieland” and Mayan apocalypse movie “2012” (coincidentally, both star Woody Harrelson), “Voltron” and a few new Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune titles.

[from PRNewsWire]

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