Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Solitaire Blitz Review

Solitaire Blitz isn’t the solitaire you might be familiar with. PopCap’s version of the traditional card game removes some of the rules to create a more frantic and strategic mode of play. It also adds in freemium elements and Facebook integration to keep you playing for that high score.

The rules of Solitaire Blitz are simple. You have several lines of cards you need to use. You play them by placing them on top of the draw piles. Suit doesn’t matter here, only the number on the card. You can go up or down, so if there is an 8 on the draw pile, you can play either a 7 or a 9. You start with one draw pile but gain more throughout the round. Your goal is to play all of the cards placed in rows in front of you.


You are being timed, so you’ll need to play quickly. If you can’t play anything on the draw piles, you can always flip over new cards, but once the deck is out of cards, you’re out of options. The deck also contains jokers, which allow you to play any card you wish on them. You’ll need to use these to your advantage if you want to win.

Solitaire Blitz also adds in freemium elements you can buy for an even bigger advantage. For instance, you can purchase extra time or cards. These typically use the silver you earn by playing, but you can also spend real money for even more in-game cash.


You use up energy every time you play, which can prevent you from playing for hours on end. Energy regenerates in time, but this certainly can be a let-down for solitaire diehards.

On the plus side, Solitaire Blitz isn’t without that PopCap flair. Just because it’s a game about cards doesn’t mean it’s a snore. PopCap’s addition of cute little animal buddies and nice animations add some color to the game to liven it up.

You can also play using your Facebook account. This way, you and your friends can compare scores. It’s a simple little addition that makes the game a social experience. Solitaire Blitz is a frantic spin on a classic card game, but its pay-to-win structure may turn off some people. Even still, it’s a great way to spend a few minutes.

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