Solipskier is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Solipskier Review

Solipskier is what you’d get if Canabalt and Line Rider had a lovechild. It has the fast pace and constant rightward motion of Canabalt, plus the platform drawing of Line Rider. It’s a very fun game, even if you aren’t an extreme sporting fan.

The goal is to draw in the slopes for the skier as he races along. Depending on how you draw the slopes, he’ll gain or lose speed, soar into the stars, or even plummet into the abyss if you aren’t careful. You’ll also need to avoid drawing walls in front of him or smashing into barriers.

There are multiple ways to rack up high scores. One is to stop drawing while the skier is in the air, causing him to instantly perform tricks. You can also aim him through green gates and blue tunnels for bonuses.

Single rainbow! What does it mean?

The developers were nice enough to include some pointers for new players. We learned a lot from these, such as how making a slightly downward path with a small lift at the end will cause the skier to gain massive air. We recommend reading through these so you don’t have a yard sale (when you crash and your gear gets strewn all over the snow).

While you ride, a suitable fast rock track riffs in the background. Plus, the modern-style graphics mixed with crazy rainbows trailing behind the skier are pure eye candy.

Solipskier is a universal app, and it has iPhone 4-ready graphics. It also has online leaderboards that track your high score and furthest distance jumped. We couldn’t put the game down in our time with it, and can easily recommend it if you’re looking for a new casual game.

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