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Soccer Superstarsâ„¢ is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Soccer Superstars Hands-On Preview and Video

Gamevil has given us a sneak peek at their upcoming sports title, Soccer Superstars. They’ve had much success with Baseball Superstars 2009 & 2010, but this time around you’ll be heading to the pitch. Will Soccer Superstars follow in the footsteps of its predecessors as a feature-rich sports title?

Soccer Superstars features traditional soccer gameplay with a twist: You can call upon the power of super players with special abilities. These super players can mean the difference between a tie and a win. For example, Jerico Shoot is a super kick that will ignite the soccer ball in flames and send it soaring past the keeper.

Superpowers aside, the gameplay stays faithful to the rules of soccer. There are a number of teams to choose from, and they can be edited to feature your created superstars. You can also adjust the match settings, such as game length and controls. The controls are simple, with only a few onscreen buttons to control your squad.

Soccer Superstars is packed with gameplay modes. The “My League” mode allows you to create a player and build up their stats to become MVP. Your custom superstar can be developed to your liking– just make sure you can keep his morale up. You can also train your players, give them season goals, and more.

There is also a “Dramatic Mode” which places you in tough situations that you must overcome, such as being tied with one minute to score. These are just a handful of the modes we’ve tried so far.

The art style in Soccer Superstars is cutesy and fun. The visuals have an 8-bit style and some nice flourishes during super moves. The menus & stats are bountiful, but the game still seems easy to manage. Some may not be thrilled with the cutesy visual style, but there is plenty of depth in the gameplay that makes up for it.

Soccer Superstars will be available soon from Gamevil, so be sure to check back later for a full review. Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at the gameplay in the video preview below.

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