So Long, Oregon!

So Long, Oregon! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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So Long, Oregon! Review

Justin Smith, developer of the infamous Enviro-Bear 2010, is taking another swipe at gaming with his latest ridiculous game, So Long, Oregon! Even thought it isn’t what we’d call an amazing game, nor was that the point, it’s completely unique and an entertaining way to relive the thrill of dysentery.

The goal of the game’s main mode is to find El Dorado, the lost city of gold. To do this, you must keep at least one of the members in your wagon alive. You’ll also need to make sure you replenish your food by buying more at stores or shooting animals. You’re scored based on how long it takes you to achieve your goal. OpenFeint leaderboards let you see how well your trek fared compared to your friends.

Jump the rock or Super Measles win.

Just like in Enviro-Bear, this Oregon Trail spoof has controls that will make you scream while also allowing for some hilarious accidents. As you head towards El Dorado, you’ll have to scale steep mountains and will often get stuck between them. You can shake the device to slightly bounce the back of the wagon when it’s flipped over, but you’ll need to shake the device near-violently in order to get this to do much of anything.

Besides the main mode, you can play a slightly less crazy “historic” Oregon Trail mode where you’re heading for a settlement instead of riches and racing 19 other wagons at the same time. There’s also a speed run where you’ll need to cure the dying John-boy of super-measles by getting to the doctor, and a harder, longer version of the El Dorado mode. Our favorite was the low food mode, where you only have the three men in your wagon and must hunt the flourishing animal population to survive. Every mode in the game is randomly generated, offering some decent replay value.

The graphics are the same poor man’s Microsoft Paint pixel art found in Enviro-Bear. We actually thought they we’re quite fitting considering that Oregon Trail is such an old game, but regardless, they’re uniquely bad.

Cleanup on aisle 8.

Another downside to the game is that you can’t name the wagon members, something we had tons of fun with back in grammar school. This wouldn’t be too hard to implement and hopefully will be added in the future.

Also, be warned: iPod Touch owners should hold off buying So Long, Oregon! at the moment since you’ll need to turn off Wi-Fi in order to play. Otherwise, the game will crash as soon as the OpenFeint login screen opens up.

Oh, and did we mention Enviro-Bear makes a cameo as an optional skin for the wagon? What more could you want from this hilarious game, besides decent controls?

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