Snoopy’s Street Fair Hands-On Preview

Last year, Capcom Mobile released Smurfs’ Village, a freemium game that became a lightning rod for in-app purchase outrage. Due to the combination of its popularity, licensed characters, and ease of purchasing premium “smurfberries” with a credit card, Smurfs’ Village garnered some extremely negative media attention. But the game was also a major success, so Capcom’s preparing for another potential tidal wave of downloads with Snoopy’s Street Fair.

In Snoopy’s Street Fair, you have to help the Peanuts gang build a set of shops and stands to raise money for Charlie Brown’s baseball team. It seems like all of the recognizable Peanuts characters (plus their voices) are included in the game, and some will even have special roles. For example, bossy Peppermint Patty will guide you through the game’s tutorial, and Lucy’s nickel-psychiatry booth is one of the game’s shops.

Snoopy himself will also be a part of the game. By unlocking new outfits for Snoopy, you’ll be able to play some special experience-earning minigames. Some of these are similar to the ones in Smurfs’ Village: You’ll squeeze lemons into lemonade, roast marshmallows over an open fire, and mix paint to produce new colors.

In addition to revenue-generating stores and minigames, you’ll also be able to buy interactive decorations for the street fair. Of course, this is also where you can spend loads of special currency, earned in-game or purchased with real money. Some of the decorations are mildly fun, like the way the Woodstock birds jump on trampolines or play on slides and swings when you tap the screen.

There are more fun extras in Snoopy’s Street Fair, like the ability to visit other friends’ fairs, and unlockable Peanuts comic strips to collect. Then, about a month after the game’s November 17 launch, a Christmas-themed update is planned to hit the App Store.

With the new Capcom Mobile studio Beeline focused on making freemium games, we can probably expect to see a lot more games like Snoopy’s Street Fair from them in the future. But don’t worry– a different Capcom studio will still make mobile 3D action games like Dead Rising and Devil May Cry.

Freemium games like Snoopy’s Street Fair might not be challenging to hardcore players, but families and casual players have shown that they’re willing to download them by the millions. Just make sure your kids don’t have your iTunes password memorized.

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