Sneezies is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sneezies First Look

Although it’s not quite allergy season for most of us, we thought we’d take a quick video look at Sneezies, from Chillingo and Antair Corp, to see some real sufferers in action.

This is a cute little “chain reaction” app where you try to cause as much havoc as possible with only one move a level. In this case, critters called Sneezies are randomly floating around in bubbles; with a touch of your finger, you release a puff of sneezing powder, starting a pandemic of contagious sneezing. If you time it right, the sneeze wave will propagate through the entire crowd, decimating the Sneezies and causing them all to miss work on Monday.

Sneezies is more of a visual toy than a game, but it’s got a nice look to it and it’s only 99 cents at the moment. We don’t have a toddler of our own, but we imagine it could prove very popular with the 3-and-under set.

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