Snake Galaxy

Snake Galaxy is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Snake Galaxy Review

Imagine a mix between classic Snake and Super Stardust HD put together. Now, imagine that all in the palms of your hands. That’s what you get with Snake Galaxy… a game where you start out with a tiny snake-like character that grows as you feed it. Use your fingers to slide and tap where you would like it to go.

The goal is to obtain objects for points to keep your snake growing. Levels are all a different type of 3D planet. There are a total of six planets including a “Pants” planet, “House” planet, some sort of weird squiggly planet, and three others. Your objective in each planet differs, as you have to gain a different number of food/objects. Once that is accomplished, you gain access to the next planet.

There isn’t too much more to explain since it’s a classic game of snake in a 3D world.

The game feels short at six levels. It does take some time as the levels get harder, but for the price, we feel six just isn’t enough. The levels don’t really tell you what score you need to reach to unlock the next planet. It’s just trial and error until you get it right. Finally, the high scores in the game aren’t online, just local. Again, for the price, that just won’t do.

The game does look beautiful, though, and the design of the 3D worlds shows the work put into the graphics. The game runs smoothly, with no lag or choppiness. Controls are pretty good and work well with the playing style. Different planets all have different types of fun obstacles to pass by, keeping you wondering what’s next.

Bottom Line, the game would be a good buy if it had more levels and a lower price.

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