Smurf Life Coming to iOS

Holy Smurf! The Smurfs are returning with another game later this year, which isn’t a surprise given the ongoing popularity of Smurfs’ Village. Whereas Smurfs’ Village casts you as an omnipotent (and hopefully, benevolent) Smurf-god, Smurf Life is all about living out your life as one of Belgium’s famous blue elves. Grab your floppy hat and white pants at the kiosk on your right.

Like its predecessor, Smurf Life is being developed by Capcom’s mobile division, Beeline Interactive. You begin the game as a newborn Smurf created by Papa Smurf (yikes– does Smurf Life settle the age-old debate about Smurf reproduction?). Your primary purpose is to free the series’ less generic Smurfs from an evil spell cast by Gargamel.

Freeing your brethren involves collecting materials and building up the tools and skills necessary to take down the twisted human. That doesn’t mean the game will end with a Smurf-sized pickaxe sailing into Gargamel’s eye, but maybe it should.

Smurf Life hits iOS later this Fall. Advice: save Brainy Smurf last. He’s annoying.

[Source: via Kotaku]

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