Smoke Monster

Smoke Monster is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Smoke Monster Review

If the title didn’t already give it away, Smoke Monster is a Lost-themed game where you play as the infamous Man In Black’s alternate form, destroying everything in your path. While fan-made, there is no denying the obvious references such as polar bears, electromagnetic fences, and a plane from Oceanic Airways. However, some poor graphical choices and the lack of online scoring keep it from being the gem we hoped for.

Just like every other Snake game, the object is to eat as many objects as you can before inevitably running into an obstacle. True to the show, Smokey’s demise comes when he collides with the electromagnetic waves. Apparently the monster enjoys a balanced diet consisting of trees, people, and polar bears.

The big downside to the game is the low production values. The soundtrack is reminiscent of Lost, but the graphics leave something to be admired. Everything is made up of static images that feel copy-and-pasted onto the generic grassy background. Plus, the humans all look like chubby medieval knights, which isn’t too appealing.

A game you can enjoy with Others.

The sound effects are also rough. Even with the lack of an official license, more effort on the presentation would have been appreciated.

Smoke Monster also lacks online scoring, which significantly hinders the game’s replay value. We did enjoy some of the default names included on the leaderboard, such as Vincent, Daniel (Faraday), and James (Ford, aka Sawyer).

We really want Smoke Monster to live up to its potential. While the iPod Classic saw an official Lost game, we have yet to see one on the iPad and likely never will considering that the show has ended. Hopefully future updates can make this a game that brings us as much joy as the show did. If you are a die-hard Lost fan, at least this game will bring back some fond memories.

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