Smasheroid is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Smasheroid Review

Smasheroid takes the retro classic Asteroids and completely flips around the gameplay. In this game, you fling asteroids at gun-toting spaceships while avoiding their bullets. Once you run out of asteroids, the game ends. We thought this bit of role-reversal made for a completely fresh experience.

There are three main modes in Smasheroid, each with its own hard mode. Revenge is straight-up spaceship slaughter that gives you a screen full of asteroids to flick around as you please. The hard mode variation here adds ‘gravitons’ into the mix, which pull in asteroids and ships alike, destroying them if they’re not pulled away in time.

Loner mode is similar to Revenge, except that you only have one asteroid to control. However, each enemy you kill makes the asteroid grow bigger. The hard mode addition, antimatter, is a twist on gravitons in that it shrinks asteroids, but it doesn’t attract objects towards it.

Give the asteroids their long-overdue victory.

Matchmaker is the odd one out in this set, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. Like in Aqua Globs, you need to match similarly-colored asteroids while avoiding collisions with other asteroids. The hard mode adds an interferer that floats around and changes the color of any asteroid it touches, making this a mode we want to keep coming back to.

Each mode in Smasheroid includes different tiers, or levels, in which the enemies become more difficult and abundant. Also, the playing field zooms out a bit as you reach each tier to create more space.

Smasheroid does have a few issues that should be addressed. For one, the off-screen space between where an object leaves and enters on the opposite side of the playing field is too wide. Often we’d be shot at by enemies that were hidden off-screen. This can get quite frustrating, especially when you’re on your last legs, trying to eke out a high score.

Hulk smash!

Also, when you touch the screen, you’ll automatically select the closest asteroid to your finger. However, without some sort of indicator as to which asteroid you’ve selected, there is no easy way to tell which asteroid you’ve picked up. A colored outline or flashing effect would make quick work of this issue.

Smasheroid has entertaining gameplay, with plenty of variation to boot. Add in the Game Center leaderboards, the fact that the app is universal, and a $.99 price tag, and you’ve got yourself a solid purchase.

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