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Smash Cops is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Smash Cops Review

In the Rainn Wilson movie Super, a masked vigilante responds to a society sliding towards anarchy by taking a hefty wrench to the face of any criminals he meets. Drug dealers, pimps, and even people who cut in line are met with his full, unwavering force. in Smash Cops, you’ll barrel into speeding cars, stopping them by any means necessary. It’s enough to make you want to shout, “Shut up, crime!”

Smash Cops makes a show of excessive force by letting you ram your way through traffic to get to the bad guys. In most of the game’s 22 levels, your goal is to stop a criminal who is driving through the streets. Using a special ramming move, you can charge into the fugitive’s car, eventually causing so much damage that they flip over spectacularly. We assume they’re arrested and booked afterwards, but it’s never shown.

Officer Hulk arrives on the scene.

Smash Cops offers a no-nonsense approach to stopping criminals, and even the controls are straight to the point. The default one-touch controls let you steer by sliding your finger behind the vehicle, which works very well with the top-down camerawork. There are also more traditional D-pad controls in the options. In either case, you can tap to activate your boost, but there are no other controls required.

As simple as the controls are in Smash Cops, the environments you race through are highly detailed. We had GTA 3 flashbacks as we sped down these city streets and freeways, even though Smash Cops isn’t an open-world game. Exploring the city will usually cause you to lose the level, and there is nothing hidden for you to discover. Maybe in future updates, the developers will add more environments and an element of freedom.

A scene from the upcoming Police Academy remake.

We should also give credit to the developers for mixing up the level variety. Occasionally you’ll play a bonus level where you have to do something out of the ordinary, like race a track without knocking over any traffic cones. Other levels mix up the formula by adding multiple targets, or forcing you to outrun them to reach your objective. By replaying and mastering these levels, you’ll be able to unlock new ones, and the bonus levels will each reward you with a power-up that you can choose to buy as an in-app purchase as well.

Smash Cops packs a lot of action into a fairly simple concept. The game could continue to grow in surprising ways– extra objectives, cars, and environments would fit seamlessly with the world that Hutch Games has created. Even without updates, Smash Cops is an absolute blast. If you’ve ever wanted to punish evildoers (and anyone else who got in your way), Smash Cops is a clear Must Have.

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