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Sly Fox is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sly Fox Review

If cartoons have taught us nothing else, it’s that foxes love chickens. Those devious mammals are always trying to find new ways to steal away some tasty avian dinner. The black fox from the new game Sly Fox seems to have found a rather clever way to get to his chow: He’s attached a propeller from a crashed airplane onto his tail to fly around and grab those chickens.

Sly Fox presents you with a series of puzzles in each level, and you have to find a way to grab the chickens and airlift them up into the sky. The chickens are protected by traps, obstacles, and security surveillance, so it’s the fox’s job to overcome all of this to get to the chickens. He’ll use bowling balls, TNT, rocks, and a whole lot of luck to smash walls, topple structures, and stealthily whisk away his meals.

Over the line!

It’s a really cute and simple concept, the puzzles are clever and interesting, and there’s a huge amount of that Saturday morning cartoon humor that permeates every pixel of the game. Unfortunately, the game is undone by some simply atrocious controls.

You have the options of tilt controls or a virtual joystick, and they are both terrible to varying degrees, with the tilt controls being essentially useless. Your fox moves around so fast and in such herky-jerky motions that you’ll find yourself slamming into things constantly. Any attempts at precision flying or aiming or stealth are met with constant frustration.

Tower of chicken.

With either control option, you have a button you can use to dive and grab whatever it is you’re trying to pick up, and you have to slide your finger across this same button in order to throw things. Flinging objects across the screen is an essential part of the game. Trying to fly, hold a button, and swipe all at the same time results in lots of dropped chickens and bowling balls, or things thrown or dropped feebly against whatever you’re trying to break down. Every now and then, you’ll just totally lose whatever it is you’ve dropped, as it falls somewhere you can’t reach. Restarts will be a common occurrence.

Sly Fox is a really cute and clever idea that we wished worked better. Your fox is so adorable and cunning that you just can’t help but want to help him get to his chicken buffet. Hopefully Black Fox Studios can fix the controls and iffy physics to make Sly Fox a better game.

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