Slingshot is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Slingshot Review

Slingshot is a unique take on space shooters that plays more like a puzzle game.

Slingshot puts you in control of a spaceship in the middle of a group of planets. Your mission is to shoot your enemy. The thing is, due to some strange fault with the ship’s computer, you can’t move your ship–you can only rotate it. Luckily, your enemy is in the same situation. To add to the problems, each time you shoot your enemy-busting missiles, they are affected by the gravitation of the planets. So with each shot you take, you’ve got to aim your missile with those gravity wells in mind. You can also earn bonus points for shooting the space station, which in a lot of cases in located in the easiest to get to places.

The controls appear a bit complex at first, with the rotation controls on the left, the power controls on the right, and double tap to fire. With a bit of practice they get easier to work. Graphics wise, the game is quite basic, but it doesn’t really detract much from the gameplay. The sound is non-existent, except for the noise of the rocket firing. Thankfully you can play your own music in the background.

Overal, we think that Slingshot could be quite a bit better if the graphics were improved, and perhaps the sound updated. Still, for 99 cents, it’s not bad.

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