STPodcast #21: Mecho Wars Developer Luc Bernard Visits

This week, Andrew, Chris, and Jer were joined by Mecho Wars developer Luc Bernard. Luc gave us his outspoken opinion on everything from Rock Band and 99 cent games to independent developers and online piracy. He also gave us a detailed description of his upcoming game, SteamPirates. Link and shownotes appear on the next page.

Intro: Andrew, Chris, and Jer introduce Luc Bernard. Latest Twitter giveaway: EWJ shirts for 16-bit games you need to play on the iPhone.

Whatcha Been Playing: Rock Band, Pang Mobile, Stick Fu, Luc’s pick: Hook Champ.

Luc’s Corner: Discussion of Mecho Wars online update, free ad-supported multiplayer-only Mecho Wars Online, and upcoming side-scrolling, turn-based RPG SteamPirates.

Mailbag: How do independent developers get noticed?

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