Slide to Podcast #13: Houston, we have problems.

Slide to Podcast #13 is now available, and as is befitting of the lucky #13, we had a few hiccups along the way. Andrew drew a blank at the Wolf RPG winners and Phil’s home phone starts ringing at one point. However, we pulled it out in the end with a great games discussion, letter of the week, and some movie-related chat.

Due to popular request, here is a breakdown of the topics we discuss on the podcast:

-Intro: Wolf RPG T-Shirts contest, Twitter followers.

-Whatcha Been Playing? WarMen, Polyhedra, Seven Swords Update, Orbital, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Gangstar.

-News: Earthworm Jim remake, C64 emulator approved.

-Letter: Is exponential growth on the App Store sustainable?

-Outro: Podcast 13 went better than Apollo 13.

Take a listen to Slide to Podcast #13 in iTunes, or download it directly here.

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