Sexy Poker 2009

Sexy Poker 2009 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Slide to Podcast #11: Who Could Forget Space Invaders?

OK, we’re a little late getting this week’s podcast to you, but just think of it as less time before you get to hear the next one! This week, Steve hosts, Phil screams “shut up!” in defense of Seven Swords Prologue, Chris Reed feels shame for enjoying Sexy Poker 2009, and Jeremy shares his tips for trading cotton and lumber on the open seas in Tradewinds 2.

Other games discussed include Pac-Man Remix, Minigore, Dungeon Scroll, NFL 2010, and the overlooked Space Invaders: Infinity Gene. Could this stellar shooter be the best game of August that actually came out in July?

You can grab Slide to Podcast #11 from iTunes, or download it straight from the source here.

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