Slide To Play Q and A: Silent Ops

We always look forward to seeing what Gameloft has in store for us next, and if you’re the same way, you won’t have to wait long. Hitting the App Store tonight at 11 p.m. EST is their next game, called Silent Ops. We spoke with senior producer Patrick Wagner to get the scoop on the game before it arrives.

Can you tell us more about the story of Silent Ops? Who are the playable characters?

In Silent Ops you can play with three different characters, each with their own special abilities. John Oaks is a master of close-combat, Yuri Sokolov is an elite sniper and Nicole Loiseau is a vehicle specialist. The way they interact with each other in order to complete their missions creates a very different experience for the player.

Can you operate vehicles?

There are luxurious cars present in the game. You’ll see the Range Rover Evoque and you can drive through the famous Tramontana car through a quick-time event. You will also drive a speed boat thanks to QTE as well.

What are a few of your favorite weapons in the game?

The sniper missions are really cool. You have to protect the main character by killing the enemies before he gets killed.

What are your favorite scenarios/ action sequences in the game?

The strong point of Silent Ops is the action sequences, so I can’t choose only one of them. Two of my favorite missions are Capri Cruise, where John Oaks sneaks onto a luxury cruise, and Hong Kong, which has some pretty intense sequences.

Silent Ops seems to have a bit of a James Bond feel to it. Was this an inspiration for the game, and what other series did you have in mind as you developed Silent Ops?

We’ve watched a lot of spy movies and played many stealth games. So we just got this idea in mind of making our own game about a super-elite team of spies.

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