Slide To Play Q and A: Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

Dicework Games recently announced that they’re working on a new turn-based RPG called Rimelands: Hammer of Thor. The game is about a treasure hunter who explores vaults at the request of her greedy grandmother. We spoke with Arto Koistinen, co-founder and CEO of Dicework Games, about what to expect.

The main character of Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is a female, right? What’s she trying to do in the game?

Arto: At the beginning, she’s, well, trying to get by and do what her grandmother asks of her in hopes of learning more about her past. Her parents are dead and her grandmother seems think they were murdered, but hasn’t told her why. Mostly her grandmother seems to want her digging vaults (places where people used to live during the ice age) for treasure.

For some more information about the character’s past, see the game’s website.

What RPGs did you draw inspiration from when planning this game?

Arto: I think the first inspiration when we started the project was roguelikes. The game began as a prototype of roguelike controls on iPhone, and some elements like random dungeons came into the design from that. We also followed the same design principles as Diablo, trying to get the gameplay as straightforward as possible. The next big inspiration was probably HeroQuest, the board game and its computer counterparts. The combat is very HeroQuest-y, though a lot smoother than in the Amiga version.

Aside from those two, there are lots of games that have inspired us; the biggest one for Peter Finnberg, the other co-founder of Dicework Games, is probably World of Warcraft. The talent system in the game is very influenced by WoW/Diablo. I’ve played a lot of Chrono Trigger during the project so it has had at least some unconscious effect. Fallout was also an inspiration on the game’s setting, though being Finns we opted for snow and ice instead of sand and barren rock.

What kinds of environments and enemies will appear in this game?

Arto: The levels are split in to roughly two: inside and outside. Outside levels being mostly more or less ice and snow covered wilderness, and the inside levels being the vaults. There is a distinct feel to both, outside having a chilly but light atmosphere and vaults being warm but dark and foreboding.

We have over a wide variety of different enemies, with varying strengths and weaknesses. Some are more magic oriented, while other are fearsome enemies if they get to melee distance and so on.

Is there anything else we should know about Rimelands?

Arto: Rimelands, in particular, is more than just one game. We’re looking to take the IP further in the future by having more games and possibly other some other media (I’d love to do a comic, actually) in the setting. While Hammer of Thor is an independent and whole story in its own right, there’s a lot more bubbling beneath the surface.

When do you expect to release Rimelands?

Arto: We don’t have a set release date yet, as there’s still a lot to do and we want to polish the game until it really shines. Current estimate would be June, but we can’t make any promises yet.

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