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Pocket RPG is an iPad-only action RPG slated to hit the App Store in late February. Developed by Tasty Poison Games and published by Crescent Moon Games (of Aralon and Ravensword fame), Pocket RPG already has a pretty high role-playing pedigree, and judging from the screenshots and trailer below, it looks like it’s shaping up nicely. We chatted with Tasty Poison CEO Steve McIvor and Pocket RPG lead artist Filip Orekhov about the game. Read on for the goods!

Can you describe why you went with a “chibi” art style, and explain what that is to people who aren’t familiar with the term?

When it came down to the style of PRPG, I trusted Filips’ (our lead artist), approach. “Chibi” is a Japanese word meaning ‘short person’ and is a popular format in many different media formats in Japan as well as around the world. Filip is a fan of the “Chibi” style and it proved to fit in perfectly with the game requirements as well as being a style not really found in many other iOS titles.

The game appears to have a dual-stick control scheme. Is Pocket RPG a shooter?

Pocket RPG has shooter elements, but is mainly a dungeon crawler. You are going in a direction to get to the end of each dungeon, not just waiting for enemies to come in and attack you. Along the way, you’ll be able to level up, pick up loot, and try different weapons/abilities.

What are the differences between the three player classes?

The Blade Master is a tuff melee character who focuses on killing groups of enemies. The Dark Ranger is a fast ranged hero who specializes in poison and disorientation. The Battle Mage is a nuker with large area of effect damage.

Is there an overall story to the game?

Your hero is there to eliminate a menace that is bent on doing ill good. The randomness of the areas also carries over to the possibility of more than one story line per play session. There are different reasons, and there are different Menacing Bosses to play against. Through all the stories, the hero must fight their way through dungeons and snowy tundras defeating hordes of creatures, all the time gaining strength and power for the final conflict/ conflicts.

However, Pocket RPG is going to focus mostly on gameplay. The story will be there, but more subtle than a hardcore RPG. The RPG elements will be more driven by the character choices, randomly looted items (that alter the playing character stats), leveling and dungeon crawling experiences.

Do you have any plans to make this an online game, or add a co-op component?

Not in the forseable future, but we have plans to add other areas, items, and monsters.

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