Slide to Play Q and A: Pacific Rim – The Mobile Game

Three out of five young adults are not meeting their recommended annual dosage of giant robot media. Director Guillermo del Toro aims to fix that in a big way this summer with Pacific Rim, coming to theaters on July 12. But why should the fun stop on the silver screen? Pacific Rim – The Mobile Game lets you continue the battle against the Kaiju on iOS and Android. Manish Agarwal, the CEO of Reliance Entertainment, was kind enough to talk to Slide to Play about the upcoming action title.

Slide to Play: What attracted Reliance Games to the Pacific Rim license? Aside from, you know, giant robots and undersea aliens?

Manish Agarwal: The concept of the movie lent itself perfectly to the type of game we wanted to make and the fact that Guillermo del Toro himself would be participating in the project definitely peaked our interest.

STP: At first glance, the trailer indicates Pacific Rim – The Mobile Game might have a bit in common with Infinity Blade. Is Infinity Blade the inspiration for the Pacific Rim game? What genre does Pacific Rim fit into, exactly?


MA: While the swipe based combat is similar to that of Infinity Blade, we would not have been comfortable in leaving it like that.  We wanted to take it to the next level. Besides exploring the Pacific Rim back story, we wanted to make a strong case for giving the players a deep sense of progression by allowing them to play all the major Jaegers from the movie, and battle nine Kaijus as well.  Some of the Kaijus are just barely touched on in the film, and each Jaeger and Kaijus have their own special abilities.

STP: Are the controls touch-based, or is there a virtual d-pad/joystick?

MA: We use swipes and taps.  There are no d-pad type controls.

STP: Is the game free-to-play? Are there in-app purchases? What can we expect?

MA: The game launches as a premium game with selected in-app purchases.

STP: Does the Pacific Rim game follow the story and characters presented in the movie, or does it tell its own tale?

MA: We had a rich back story to draw from and we allow several of the film’s human characters to lead us through our story.  Our timeline is just proceeding the events of the film so you are given the chance to pilot some of the earlier Jaegers up to those Mark Vs that are in the movie.  You can customize your Jaeger with a unique set of weapons, armor, and other enhancements, and even customize the paint job.  So in many respects you are given the chance to tell your own tale as the epic battles rages.


MA: [I’d like to add that] Guillermo was quite instrumental in both the design and play testing of the game.  Even though his schedule was quite hectic with the final cut of the film, he was kind enough to sit down with us on a number of occasions and share with us not only the story background and clips of the film, but also his thoughts on what the game should be.  We were all encouraged that he came to the process as a gamer, and there was already a deep understanding of what we needed to do to turn his film into a game. In addition, he worked with us on the look of the Jaegers and Kaijus as well as the animations and camera during combat.  To him it was important to make the game entertaining in that we give the player a sense of fun through frenetic action.  I think this was one of the best outcomes – the shear visceral one-on-one combat between Jaeger and Kaiju.

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