Slide To Play Q and A: Epoch 2

When we got wind of a sequel to the amazing cover shooter Epoch, we had to find out everything we could about it. So we sent a battery of questions over to Ed Orman, the director and founder of Uppercut Games, to get the scoop. You can read the interview below.


Slide To Play: Regarding the original Epoch, were you pleased with the game itself and its reception on the App Store?

Orman: EPOCH was our first game as a new company, and for us it proved that there was a market on mobile devices for the kinds of games we wanted to make: highly polished, easy to use, spectacular, and fun. It’s highly gratifying to read the reviews and get fan emails as people continue to discover the game today.

EPOCH has been featured multiple times by Apple, and continues to turn up in various lists on the App Store (just this week, we found ourselves in the “10 Incredible Indie Games” Essential List). So obviously the reception on the App Store has been great.

STP: What’s the basic story of Epoch 2?

Orman: EPOCH 2 picks up where the first game leaves off: Epoch has fought his way through hordes of robots, only to discover that the Princess he was programmed to protect was moved sometime during the robot apocalypse. When Epoch finally manages to decipher an intercepted data log and establish her current location, he sets out once again to find her. Only this time he will succeed, and it’s the repercussions of waking the Princess from cryogenic sleep that we explore in EPOCH 2. What happened to the rest of humanity? What will she ask Epoch to do to free her? And what’s the value of freedom if only some have it?


STP: What changes or improvements have you made to the gameplay?

Orman: One of the main gripes we got about the first game was that it did become too repetitive, and we’ve taken that to heart. We’ve focused on creating more variation in how the combats play out, and giving the player more ways to interact, while still retaining the intense action of the original.

One example that was seen in the PAX Australia demo was the new Melee Assault attack, a time-critical finishing move that the player can trigger when they’ve done a certain amount of damage to an enemy. The end result: Epoch leaps at the enemy, rips out a handful of their most important components, leaving them to explode.

Just one example. We’re adding a lot more.

STP: What new weapons and/or power-ups have been added?

Orman: We’re not announcing specifics about the new equipment at this stage, but suffice to say we thought there were some play styles the existing set of weapons & gadgets weren’t catering to, so we’re expanding the armory with that in mind.


STP: Will the controls be the same as in the first one? If not, how will they differ?

Orman: The controls of EPOCH are one of the things we get the most positive response about from players, for being original and intuitive. So EPOCH 2 will broadly use the same controls, but we are adding some more depth for people who really want to optimize their play.

STP: When will Epoch 2 come out? Have you decided on a price point, or are you considering a free-to-play model?

Orman: EPOCH 2 will be out Q4 2013. We haven’t decided on a specific price point. As with EPOCH 1, we’re building a premium game. We won’t be using a free-to-play model.

STP: Which devices will it run on?

Orman: The current goal is to support iPhone4/iPad2 and up, but they may change depending on performance.

STP: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about Epoch 2?

Orman: We’re really trying to outdo ourselves with EPOCH 2, and we’re going to be talking about the ongoing development from now on on our Facebook page, so check it out. Thanks!


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