Slide To Play Podcast #73: Ice Craps Now Available

On this week’s podcast, we discuss Infinity Blade’s media blitz, playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at EA’s press event, and Apple’s fragmented iDevices. We also talk about What We’re Playing, and touch on the ethics of eating tiny sandwiches.

News: Infinity Blade coming Dec 9 (actually, Dec 8), Indie developer struggle to compete, EA’s press event: Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Cause of Death, Txt Fighter.

What We’re Playing: Spirits for iPad, League of Epic Heroes, Illusia

Reader question: Will there be a consumer backlash from too many different iDevice models?

A few corrections: Aralon will be out Dec 16, not December 9, and in Illusia, 99 cents buys you 10 penalty-free respawns. Also, in Illusia, you can’t lose a level just by dying.

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