Slide To Play Podcast #61: New iPods Touch Down

This week, join the STP podcast team as they discuss Apple’s announcement of brand new iPods, iTunes features, and Apple TV. There’s even a bonus episode where we interview one of the creators of Angry Birds. We also discuss Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Slice It!, and Dodonpachi Resurrection, plus games we can’t stop playing even though they’re bad.

News: Apple’s September 2010 press conference

What We’re Playing: Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Slice It!, and Dodonpachi Resurrection

Podcast question: What were the games you couldn’t stop playing, even though they were bad?

Bonus interview (episode 60.5): Interview with Angry Birds developer Peter Vesterbacka

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This week’s podcast is sponsored by GDC Online:

iPhone and iPad Summit @ GDC Online

October 5-6, 2010

Austin, TX

The one day iPhone Summit paired with the iPad Summit focus on key business and marketing strategies behind successful game companies and will provide insights on creating successful, monetizable titles in the competitive App Store marketplace. Learn key takeaways from industry leaders at Backflip Studios, DeNA,Limbic, Newtoy, Semi Secret Software and others.

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