Slide to Play Podcast #26: A Big Crepe

On this week’s podcast, Andrew comes back from Paris with a half-dozen Gameloft preivews, and a bit of a cold. Jer and Chris join in for a discussion of French cuisine, Gameloft’s publishing strategy, and Stephen King’s books. We also have an interview with one of Gameloft’s Vice Presidents. Grab the whole show and outline after the break.

New Gameloft Previews: Avatar, Driver, Skater Nation, HAWX, GT Racing. Next week: updated NOVA preview!

Interview: Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft’s VP of Publishing

Whatcha Been Playing: World Series of Poker, PathPix Pro, Pocketball, Rogue Planet

Mailbag: Why do some social networking add-ons get mentioned as “pros” in our reviews, while others don’t?

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