Slide To Play Podcast #167: Kindle Fire Doorstop

In our final STP Podcast of 2012, the crew is joined by Founder and CEO Steve Palley to discuss the year in review. All of the year’s biggest iOS gaming events, from Apple product reveals to industry trade shows, are covered in this massive discussion. Then, we take a look at our predictions from one year ago, and make new predictions for 2013. Read on for the audio and shownotes!

The latest addition to the iOS product line: The iPad Mini

News: Slide To Play’s 2012 year in review. We discuss the IMGAs, Kickstarter success stories, the iPad 3, GDC, STP TV, WWDC, E3, the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Apple Maps, the 2012 Presidential Election, and much, much more!

2012 Predictions: We rate our predictions from last year. Topics include Apple TV apps, Halfbrick Studios, freemium gaming, and the Kindle Fire.

2013 Predictions: We place our bets on the coming year. Topics include Apple TV apps (again), mobile games going stationary, increased cross-platform play, Kickstarter backlash, Star Wars games returning to the App Store, and the Samsung-Apple rivalry.

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