Slide To Play Podcast #161: It’s Harder and You’re Punished For It

    In this week’s podcast, we interview Crescent Moon’s Josh Presseisen about a whole slew of new games. These range from challenging auto-runners like Gear Jack to expansive open-world RPGs like Ravensword 2. The crew also talks about staff shake-ups at Apple, GTA Vice City on iOS, and the games we’re playing this week. Read on for your links and shownotes!


    News: Scott Forstall out at Apple, iPad Mini launches, GTA Vice City announced for iOS

    What We’re Playing: Need for Speed Most Wanted, Bladeslinger, Borderlands Legends. Correction: Bladeslinger uses the Unity Engine, not Unreal Engine.

    Interview: Josh Preseissen of Crescent Moon Games and Forest Moon Games, publisher of Ravensword 2, Wraithborne, Hairy Tales, Deep War, JAM, Gear Jack, Topia World Builder, and more.

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