Slide To Play Podcast #156: He Does The Monkey Thing

On this week’s Slide To Play podcast, the crew talks about Saban Brands, who are turning two of their best-known brands into iOS games. We also highlight the Duo Gamer controller for Gameloft games, chat about what we’ve been playing this week, and interview the CEO of PlayFirst about their new movie-based game, Hotel Transylvania Dash. Read on for your podcast links and shownotes!

Come back, I just want to prune you!

News: Hands-on impressions of Saban’s Power Rangers Legends and Paul Frank Platformer. Plus, hands-on impressions of the Duo Gamer controller by Discovery Bay Games.

What We’re Playing: The Room, Lili, Formula Cartoon: Touch ‘N’ Go

Interview: Marco DeMiroz, CEO of PlayFirst, developer of the Diner Dash series and Hotel Transylvania Dash.

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